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Your garage needs a solid door to protect your vehicle from getting hit or stolen and you need it to work properly. If you find any problem with your door, you can rely on our professional Garage Door Repair in Roy. We will solve your garage door problem, whatever it is.

There are various types of garage doors, which differ in their size, structure and operating mechanism.

Garage Door Materials

A garage door has to be solid and reliable. Some of the materials used for garage doors include:

·         Wood

·         Aluminum

·         Fiberglass

·         Steel

No matter what material your garage door is made from, you can trust our professional and skilled technicians to help if something goes wrong. Even if you don't know what is exactly happening, garage door repair will find the problem and fix it.

Professional Roy Garage Door Repair Service UT

If you do not maintain your garage door properly, it might fall apart unexpectedly and totally stop working. Some parts or even the whole door can fall down. A falling garage door is a common problem and can be a great danger for everyone around it. The consequences may be pretty bad – serious damage to your vehicle and severe or even fatal injuries to somebody. Many people try to fix the problem themselves but they risk getting themselves seriously injured. Also, the garage door problem may become even more serious. Then, it will cost more time and money to get fixed. Garage door repairs must be done by professionals.

If you see any problem in the way your garage door operates, contact Roy Garage Door Repair. Our professional services will help you prevent serious problems in the future, which might endanger your safety.

What Maintenance Should Be Done?

There are a few tests and procedures, which need to be done regularly. This will ensure the proper working of your garage door, prevent future problems and extend the garage door’s life. We advise you to leave not only the Garage Door Repair Roy to us, but also the maintenance.

There are the monthly tests your garage door should be able to pass successfully:

·         Visual inspection

·         Door balance test

·         Reversing mechanism test

·         Photo eye test for the garage doors with an automatic opener system

·         Force setting test

We know what common problems to expect, so let us perform your regular maintenance for you. Having your garage door professionally checked will save you a lot of problems. If we discover an issue, we will make a professional Garage Door Repair Roy UT.

Visual Inspection

We will check your garage door rollers, pulleys, cables, springs and mounting hardware. This will help us discover any signs of damage or wear.

Door Balance Test

Manually lifting your garage door will show us whether it is out of balance. If it works properly, the door should lift smoothly and then remain fully open.

Reversing Mechanism and Photo Eye Tests

For safety reasons, your garage door must be able to reverse if it hits or senses something. This prevents the door from closing. We will test these mechanisms to check whether they are working well. Photo eyes need to be regularly cleaned with a soft and dry cloth so the beam can properly sense objects in the path of the garage door. These photo eyes also have to be adjusted, if this is necessary.

Force Setting Test

We will test the reversing mechanism also by checking whether the door will reopen, if we truss it with hands. It is supposed to do this. Otherwise, there is some problem with the mechanism. If so, you can trust our quality Garage Door Repair Roy UT.

In addition to the tests, lubrication of the garage door also should be done. The tracks, the rollers and the hinges have to be lubricated. This will ensure the smooth and normal working of the door.

Garage doors need regular maintenance and quality repair of problems. Our team offers you professional and affordable garage door repair services. Contact Roy Garage Door Repair and we will ensure you prompt and quality services to solve any of your garage door issues and help you properly use your garage again.